Maryland Health Insurance Services

The Need for Health Insurance

Even the healthiest among us need some medical care, and more and more employers are not providing health insurance to their employees. Regular physician and dental visits are a normal part of maintaining good health, in addition, growing older are other reasons medical care is necessary.

To that end, Planning Needs Financial Group financial planners work with our individual clients to ensure that they have the healthcare coverage that they need.

We have access to a wide range of carriers and can find the best insurance coverage to suit your budget and your individual needs.

There are three broad sources of health insurance:

  • Individually owned policies: The individual or family purchases a health policy directly from an insurance company or health maintenance organization. Individual health policies can be relatively expensive compared to group health insurance.
  • Group health insurance: Group health insurance is typically provided through an employer or another related group such as a professional association. The premiums for group health policies tend to be less than those for individually owned policies.
  • Government programs: For that age 65 and older, Medicare provides a base level of health insurance. Medicaid provides health care for the impoverished. The federal government has a number of programs to provide medical care to active duty and former military service members. Some states have individual programs to provide health insurance to low-income individuals and families.

The Choice Is Yours

While health insurance may be expensive, trying to pay medical costs out of your own pocket, or not seeking medical help when needed, can be much more expensive.

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