Maryland Long & Short Term Disability Income Insurance

Why You Need Disability Insurance?

Many people believe that their biggest asset is their home. For most of us, our biggest asset is the ability to work and earn an income. Not being able to work – due to a job loss or a disability taking away the ability to work – is often financially devastating.

How likely is it that you will become disabled? According to one study, 30% of all Americans between the ages of 35 and 65 suffered a disability lasting at least 90 days.1 The risk of disability is real.

The question is, can you afford not to be covered or maximize your coverage potential?

Your Best Solution – Individual Disability Income Insurance

For many, the real solution to the disability problem is individual disability income insurance. Although individual policies may cost you more, as long as you pay the premiums the benefits are not taxable. Plus, an individual policy allows you to tailor its terms to fit your own needs.

Why Individual Disability Income Insurance is Your Best Solution

You Can’t Count on Social Security

Even if you do qualify for disability benefits from Social Security. The Social Security definition of “disability” is so strict that over 60% of initial claims are rejected. Obviously, something else beyond Social Security is needed.

Employer Funded Group Disability Insurance Puts You at Risk

Employer-sponsored disability policies seldom provide you with more than 60 % of your monthly salary. Many policies set a monthly maximum benefit that may be far less than what some people earn. Income taxes can also be an issue; if the employer is paying the full cost of the coverage, disability benefits are fully taxable.

How We Can Help?

Our premier certified financial planner can help you get individual Disability Insurance that is tailored to your needs that will help you support you and your family.

Company Strength: We work with only the most financially sound companies to make sure you will be protected.

Definition of Disability: We look for a policy that defines disability in the broadest terms possible to make sure we are maximizing every opportunity for you to get the most coverage

Elimination period: Get a policy that will start working for you in the minimal amount of time from your disability.

Benefit period: Get short-term or long-term disability coverage, we make sure the plans suit your needs.

Inflation protection: Get a policy that adjusts with inflation, so you are maintaining your lifestyle

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