Maryland Estate Planning Services

The Importance of Estate Planning

Alleviate yourself of the burdens that typically occur at one’s demise with proper estate planning by working with a professional financial planner at Corben. Eliminate or reduce problems that will plague your loved ones and heirs and add further stress to their grieving.

Don’t let your estate succumb to financial burdens.

Working with a skilled financial planner that specializes in estate planning can help you overcome financial burdens that typically arise upon one’s demise, such as:

  • Probate Fees
  • Death taxes
  • Liquidity
  • Cash Flow

Protect Your Transfer of Assets.

Lack of or improper estate planning can often jeopardize the money you leave behind for your loved ones, or result in long drawn out, ugly and highly publicized probates. Corben Financial Planners that specialize in estate planning can help you protect the transfer of your assets and make sure your designated heirs receive their payouts.

Contact Corben Financial about your estate planning needs and avoid:

  • Probate Delays and Additional Expenses
  • Assets transferred to minors going into cumbersome guardianship accounts until age 18
  • Additional death taxes

Don’t Leave the Care of Minors for the Court to Decide!

With the right estate planning in place you can rest assured that minor children will be placed with the guardian you choose, by setting up a will and ensuring that their asset management is placed with the right person.

If the wrong person(s) are chosen to manage the assets left for the minor(s), the assets may be lost or unnecessarily reduced.

Contact Planning Needs Financial Group about your Estate Planning
needs today and don’t leave your loved ones future to chance!